When we purchased Sir Prize's Dam, Jama Doll, no one knew she was in foal.  She  was getting fatter, in spite of monitoring her diet, but everyone told us minis were easy keepers.

One week before Sir Prize was born, Carl thought he saw movement in her tummy.  We had the veterinarians out and they did a pregnancy blood test.  Well...our surprise was born before the blood test came back.

The Day ...Jama Buck Sir Prize was born!
April 28, 2006

This was a miracle little foal, his mom's care was not what our pregnant mare receive.  She traveled twice during her unknown pregnancy.  Had her diet reduced due to her getting too fat.  She lost her best friend Mae West and was lonely being the only mini at the time on our ranch.

To top it off I was home alone with her when she foaled, which was a scarry situation for me. 

The delivery was text book. and we could not have been happier with our Sir Prize colt foal.

Picture taken December 2005
Mae West passed away February 20, 2006

Our Special Little Mini Oak Forest Mae West

This little mare passed away Feb.. 20, 2006.  She got sick on Fe 14th.  After many trips back and forth from the Vet it was decided that we either had to put her down or do surgery.  This was a tough decision, we chose to try surgery.  She died during the surgery from a twisted gut.
This was a sad situation for all of us.  The vets worked very hard to save her, but it was not to be.  There were many reasons that could have been the cause of her death.  Blood clots, anesthetic problems, or just her weakened state.

Well we try to learn from all our situations, but this was a tough lesson.  Would I do the surgery again...probably.  Mae West was such a sweet and trusting little horse, that we had to try and help her the best we could.  When we take on the responsibility of animal ownership, it calls for us to make some tough decisions.

Oh! OH! What a beautiful baby
Sire: Outlaws Taylor Made
Dam: Rowdys Tiffany
Born 4/7/07 colt WY Squaw Creek Royal Jentry

This was our first foal from our stallion "Passer"  He is a very small refined little foal.  We will probably keep him until he is near maturity to see what we are producing.

Wy Squaw Creek Gannet Peak
Sire: Eldorado Bonsai Pass the Buck
Dam: Shy Sparkles

Wy Squaw Creek Wind Ripple
Sire Eldorado Bonsai Pass the Buck
Dam: Jama Doll

This is Passer's 2nd foal for us a filly very refined and strong.  We will be retaining her for our herd.

What are you doing to my Mom?

Carl and Karla Bollinger
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Shy Cowboy Cool Callie was foaled 4-21-07.  Her Sire "Marystown Cowboy Cool " is a AMHA Top Ten Futurity Horse.  Her Dam  Shy Sparkles is a  Buckeroo bred mare.
We are very happy with this little filly and will add her to our breeding herd.

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