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We take Pet Care seriously and Pet Care does not stop at closing time.
HOUSE OF Tails Western Boutique...offers natural pet food and treats.  We carry only the healthiest Dog and Cat foods available.  "When you  care enough you feed the very best" This is our slogan to make available the best in wellness or healthy pet food to our customers.

"When we care enough you feed the very best"

In the past 21 years of working with family pets we have seen a pronounced increase of serious diseases in pets.  The most frequent diseases we see are those which affect the skeletal structure, tumors and skin problems.  The growing awareness of humans illnesses caused or worsened by food we eat, has led us to believe this does also apply to the family pets as well. 

It is the responsibility of each of us a pet owners, to know what we are feeding our pets.  The more educated we become in our pets health and care, the longer our pets will be with us.

In our study and search for the best foods on the market for our pet's we have learned what are the healthiest and most natritional nutritional ingredients as well as the healthiest way products are produced.  We do not feel pet food should become a dumping ground for ingredients  that are either contaminated or not fit for human consumption

Two of the Pet Food Companys that we feel produce safe and healthy foods are:

Nature's Logic  is the first commercially prepared 100% natural pet food line that contains no added chemically synthesized supplemental nutrients in any product.  All amino acids, vitamins and mineral nutrients present in Nature's Logic products comes from 100% foods or naturally mined ingredients.

The pet food line has Dry Kibble, Canned and Raw Frozen, Canine treats, as well as supplements.

Natura products use only the finest ingredients...foods we would eat ourselves. 
NO Chemical Preservatives
NO Artificial Flavors or Colors
NO Chemical Additives of any kind

Our Natura Pet Products include:
Innova Dog and Cat foods
Evo Dog and Cat foods.
California Natural Dog and Cat foods
Healthwise Dog and Cat foods
Wide variety  of healthy treats

Pets on premium foods actually consume less food. That is because the diets are highly digestible and nutrient dense.  Therefore the animal's body can utilized the nutrients more efficiently.  This also means smaller, less frequent stools and less clean-up for you!

For more information on this product click on the lego

For more information on this product click on the lego

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